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The in.yj-V3 is oustanding for smaller hot tubs!

A bestseller embraced by hot tub dealers, the in.yj-V3 is the most suitable control system for smaller hot tubs. We couldn't resist aiming higher and making it the best it can be with a new, boosted processor, more memory and larger capacity relays. It has the power to run new features: updated FLO circuitry, on-board LEDs for troubleshooting, and a dual-phase CE configuration so it can be used anywhere in the world.


Big power in a small package

The in.yj-V3 is compatible with a wide selection of keyboards, and it will automatically detect the desired model, just like all the other Gecko Y-series platforms.


A colorful world is at your fingertips

Light up your hot tub with an output capacity increased to 1A and the integration of the in.mix 300 color system on the main board. New cables and LED lights can be connected directly to the in.yj-V3 box with full color control directly from the keypad.


Modular and flexible

The in.yj-V3 is a modular control system that separates the control pack from the heating element, which improves integration in tight spaces. The in.yj-V3 should be paired with heat.wav heaters. Simply choose the appropriate heating power (four levels available) to fit the requirements of your hot tub model.


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Smart Winter Mode

If you live in a cold climate, your hot tub may be at risk of damage when the temperature drops – but if your hot tub is equipped with a Gecko control system, no need to worry.

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