2023 Virtual technical seminars

Gecko offers virtual seminars all year long.

Covering topics such as Hot Tub and Troubleshooting 101, new products, strategic after-sales products and accessories, the seminars let you discover more about our products and values.

Practical workshops on:

Control systems

Everything you need to know about Gecko control systems: Y and X series


Everything you need to know about Gecko’s tactile screen, as well as color or LCD keypads with menu-controlled or simplified interfaces


The Pumpology 101 crash course for all Gecko Aqua-Flo, Flo-Master and Circ-Master pumps for hot tubs

Presented by Bernard de Waele, European Technical Support Manager

Gecko’s virtual technical seminars are hands-on workshops on everything Gecko: control systems, keypads, pumps and value-added accessories. They are designed specifically to help spa dealers and technicians in their installation and troubleshooting work by providing everything they need to know about Gecko’s latest products and technology.