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Gecko Alliance Group is a leading manufacturer in the hot tub industry, with world-renowned expertise in the design, production and marketing of control systems, pumps and value-added accessories for hot tubs manufacturers, distributors, dealers and technicians.

In 2024 we will exhibit at:

International PSP

12-14 november 2024
PSP Expo, Dallas, Texas
Booth: TBA

Featured products

The most affordable heat pump fully integrated with your hot tub system

Unleash energy savings with a budget-friendly investment

The Gecko in.temp mini offers an unbeatable price point for a fully, integrated heat pump making energy savings simple and accessible to all hot tub owners.

Seamless integration for effortless control

No confusing setups! Just like our other in.temp heat pumps, our new mini is thoughtfully designed to seamlessly integrate with the Gecko mobile application and compatible keypads. All this with a hassle-free installation that does not require any additional power connection. It’s plug-and-play from the Gecko control system!

Whisper-quiet comfort for unforgettable relaxation

So small and quiet, it’s been designed to be forgotten! With convenience in mind, the Gecko in.temp mini boasts a sleek, sober and remarkably compact design that fits easily into any decor style. Out of sight, out of mind! With a remarkably low 49dBA in operation mode, you won’t even know it’s there!

Maelstrom CMS-1

The most reliable circulation pump is now also the most efficient.


More efficiency means moving more water with less energy! We’ve put all our engineering knowledge to work to offer the best efficiency on the market.

The quietest

When it’s time to kick back and relax, the amazingly low 44 dB generated by the CMS-1 makes it as quiet as a gentle rain.

Surprisingly small

Gecko went the extra mile to make sure our new CMS-1 is the smallest in its category!


The first and only high-resolution keypad designed to be installed face in

Gecko’s unique Turn-N-Press technology is simply the easiest way to control your hot tub.

The new flx.go is not only the most distinctive keypad, it’s also a convenient new way to control hot tubs that will please every user. Its dial ring works perfectly under all conditions, even with wet fingers. Whatever the size of your hands, navigation and selection is easy, and you’ll always have a clear view of the screen, with pictograms that users of all ages can easily see and use.

Maelstrom VMS-1

The quietest massage pump in the hot tub industry


The VMS-1 is a smart, variable-speed pump that offers an enhanced hydrotherapy experience with a strong but quiet 3hp output.


Outstanding performance in a compact design. Installation made simple.


Thanks to its revolutionary electric motor, the VMS-1 moves water more efficiently.

Massage Experience

Multiple massage selections ensure a fully customizable experience.

Maelstrom pumps

The standard for hot tub pumps has been raised

Gecko motor

Introducing Gecko’s brand-new custom-made motor! We’ve put all our engineering knowledge to work to offer the best efficiency on the market. Thanks to the expertise that is an integral part of Gecko’s rich history, this pump offers outstanding performance in a compact design.

Moves water efficiently

Dynamics between pump components are complex. To ensure optimal output, Maelstrom pumps are engineered to run at their sweet spot.

Uncompromising quality

Built to last with the ultimate materials, Maelstrom pumps offer the best value on the market. Combined with Gecko’s renowned quality and customer service, you obtain the best solution for your hot tub pumps.