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Sink into a truly interactive experience

The in.k1000+ is a full-featured touchscreen keypad with an intuitive user interface, powerful processor, bright colors, excellent water resistance and Wi-Fi connectivity*. Elevate the moments you spend in your hot tub with the in.k1000+.
* Requires the in.touch 2 WiFi module.


Fun, simple, engaging

Free from physical buttons, keys and overlays, our in.k1000+ touchscreen keypad is simple to learn and use. It features an intuitive and engaging one-level-menu interface.


Truly interactive

Mode and function selection wheels, all-on/all-off one-touch activation key, interactive display icons and on-screen reminders make for a unique user interface. Get direct feedback and seamless interaction with your hot tub and its value-added accessories like in.clear, in.mix and 2.


Larger, faster, cooler

Driven by a powerful 400 MHz processor, Gecko’s in.k1000+ keypad features an eye-catching 4.3 in. 256K color LCD capacitive touchscreen display. Resting in a thin and beautiful enclosure that houses its cutting-edge electronics, in.k1000+ fits perfectly on the edge of any hot tub.


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