With their tactile, color screens, either LCD or LED, our keypads are dynamic and easy to use. Gecko keypads give users total control! Consult our offering.


High definition keypads

Imagine everything you ever wanted in a topside control system. With our advanced and reliable technology, Gecko delivers it all. A complete series of multi-function and multi-feature keypads for hot tubs.


Color keypads

With their bright, full-color display, Gecko’s in.k800 and in.k500 keypads provide the ultimate user experience. Their high-resolution screens take hot tub interfaces to a new level.


LCD and LED keypads

Our LCD and LED keypads feature various configuration profiles, large displays and menu-driven or streamlined interfaces to let users control all functions of their hot tubs and connected accessories.


Auxiliary and dedicated keypads

Auxiliary keypads designed to be installed as a second keypad on larger hot tubs, and dedicated keypads to control value-added accessories like Gecko’s 2 outdoor audio station.