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An affordable touch of luxury. The perfect balance for those who want to experience style with more functions.

Who said luxury is unaffordable? At Gecko Alliance, we think everybody deserves it! Our in.k330 is the perfect alternative for those who want a sturdy keypad with a classy look and a distinctive display. Optimize your customers’ experience with this nice upgrade.


Classy look at your fingertips

With its larger dimensions, sleekness and backlit outer rim, Gecko’s in.k330 is an affordable alternative for those who want to experience luxury. Its design will enhance the look of any hot tub.


Distinctive display

Completely ergonomic, our new in.k330 has a large LCD screen with excellent contrast and brightness. Its static colors and five keys make it so easy to use. A classy and ergonomic keypad: the perfect combination!


Affordable and inclusive

Our sturdy in.k330 supports Gecko’s lighting system and in.temp heat pump. It brings all the features you really need to one keypad. It’s the perfect choice for your customers who want quality on a budget for a dual-pump hot tub system.


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