Gecko Alliance Group creates products and builds relationships!

Working in partnership with hot tub manufacturers and offering off-the-shelf or customized solutions for their products, from drawing board to packaging, is what we do best!

We design, manufacture and deliver solutions for hot tubs, and we’ve been doing it for more than 30 years.

Control systems, keypads, pumps, remote controls, tactile screens, mobile apps and more!

With more than 30 years of experience, we are the perfect partner for every hot tub manufacturer in the world.

At Gecko, understanding the hot tub user’s environment and expectations is key to designing and making the perfect control systems, intuitive keypads, powerful but efficient pumps and value-added accessories. When a user touches a button, presses a key or clicks on a link, they expect their hot tub to intuitively respond to their commands. With every interaction, they validate the quality of the experience they associate with their hot tub.

Thirty years of experience in the design and manufacturing of interfaces and controls of all types has made us experts in product interaction and user behavior. Simplicity, intuitiveness, elegance and performance are not only starting points of design projects but the driving forces of our creativity. We design meaningful products, create great user experiences and build strong and long-lasting relationships with our customers. For a hot tub manufacturer, we’re the perfect partner!

From front-end development to back-end integration

Our expertise in every hot tub component you can imagine has been recognized worldwide.

At Gecko, the expertise of our design teams is world-renowned. Our industrial, electronic, mechanical and software engineers and user interface designers work together in a unique and creative environment where their skills and talents are put to the task for the benefit of our customers.

Our work spans a variety of processes, such as product packaging in plastic, steel and aluminum. We have proven expertise in casting, injection and manufacturing, as well as the technical and real-world know-how to develop products with highly specific requirements, including electronics for harsh, humid and warm environments. We also create motor and temperature controls, micro controllers, embedded software and much more!

Technical and infrastructure manufacturing know-how

We are certified ISO 9001 and adhere to the CTPAT program.

At Gecko, we excel not only in the initial stages of design and development, but also in the technological and manufacturing know-how required to transform an idea into a manufactured product. Our variable volume production capabilities, from small batches to mass production, and our ability to react and produce quickly set us apart from the competition. Our production facilities and global supply network give us a distinct advantage. In addition, our commitment to the highest standards assures our customers of absolute quality.

Multidisciplinary teams for full customer support

When you want and need it, our customer service, account executives and technical support team are there for you.

Our customer service team provides our customers with the accurate and relevant information they need, manages inventory, and performs forecasting, production and shipping tracking and much more.

Our account managers keep in constant contact with our customers, visiting their plants, managing their requests, improving their products and processes, and maintaining the highest-quality relationships.
Our certified, experienced, dedicated and motivated technical support team offers a wide range of service tools, support, technical seminars and training.

Teamwork is key to our success

At Gecko, our teams strive to achieve the same goals. Each of our departments contributes not only to the performance and expansion of our company but also to fulfilling our mission toward our clients. We value mutual support and respect, accountability and excellence.

At Gecko Alliance, our employees work in a pleasant and respectful environment. The work experience at Gecko is characterized by collaboration, an open and friendly management team, an attractive group insurance plan and a competitive vacation policy that takes into account previous work experience.

We believe in paying it forward.

The Grand défi Pierre Lavoie

On June 16, 2018, a Gecko Alliance team participated in the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie, whose mission is to encourage young people to adopt healthy life habits.

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United Way Centraide- Québec and Chaudière-Appalaches

For the past few years, Gecko Alliance employees have been donating money to United Way with every paycheck. This great generosity allows United Way to help several organizations in the region and make a real difference for the people in our community who need it the most. A big thank you to our employees for this great gesture!

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Freeflow and Fantasy Spas – Spas for a cause

An initiative of Freeflow and Fantasy Spas, Spas for a Cause helps in the fight against breast cancer by donating a pink spa every October to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. Gecko Alliance is proud to be part of this great initiative.

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Canadian Cancer Society

In April, Gecko’ employees volunteer to sell daffodils in support of the Canadian Cancer Society’s annual fundraising campaign. We also sponsor the benefit dinner for the annual campaign.

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Cystic Fibrosis Canada

Cystic Fibrosis Canada helps people living with CF by funding targeted world-class research, supporting and advocating for high-quality individualized CF care and raising and allocating funds for these purposes.

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Fondation du Musée de la civilisation

Every year, Quebec City’s Musée de la civilisation (Museum of Civilization) welcomes more than 100,000 children to make them feel at home and to grow up in contact with culture. The foundation contributes annually to a wide range of cultural mediation and educational activities to encourage the participation of a large number of young people and families from a variety of backgrounds.

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Canadian Red Cross

The Canadian Red Cross is a leading humanitarian organization where people volunteer their time to help those in need. It helps people and communities in need in Canada and around the world by building their resilience.

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Kidney Foundation

The Kidney Foundation of Canada is a registered charity under the Income Tax Act and is incorporated under the laws of Canada. The organization strives for excellent kidney health, optimal quality of life and a cure for kidney disease through collaboration and inventiveness in the development of programs, services, research opportunities and awareness campaigns.

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