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The most affordable heat pump fully integrated with your hot tub system


Unleash energy savings with a budget-friendly investment

The Gecko in.temp mini offers an unbeatable price point for a fully, integrated heat pump making energy savings simple and accessible to all hot tub owners.


Seamless integration for effortless control

No confusing setups! Just like our other in.temp heat pumps, our new mini is thoughtfully designed to seamlessly integrate with the Gecko mobile application and compatible keypads. All this with a hassle-free installation that does not require any additional power connection. It’s plug-and-play from the Gecko control system!

in.temp mini is supported by all and control systems. For existing products, refer to this link.


Whisper-quiet comfort for unforgettable relaxation

So small and quiet, it’s been designed to be forgotten! With convenience in mind, the Gecko in.temp mini boasts a sleek, sober and remarkably compact design that fits easily into any decor style. Out of sight, out of mind! With a remarkably low 51,2dBA in operation mode, you won’t even know it’s there!



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in.temp mini

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