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Light it up and give some color to your hot tub!

When connected to one of our X or Y series control systems for hot tubs, the in.mix 300 transforms our keypads into real lighting consoles with a perfect interface. Create your personalized ambiance easily with an infinite selection of colors and a light-intensity dimmer.


The power to create the perfect ambiance

The light system in.mix 300 comes with a built-in power supply and can be connected to a 120V or 240V output on your hot tub’s control system. It can drive up to 100 points of RGB (red, green, blue) in three zones, illuminating the water in your hot tub or creating accent colors around it.


Light it up your way!

The in.mix 300 can drive and control up to three light zones in or around your hot tub. The color selection of each zone can be independently managed or synchronized to create a stunning visual display. Fast or slow fading effects can be added, and the light intensity adjusted to the mood you wish to create. Your in.touch 2 mobile app allows you to remotely customize your color zones in or around your hot tub. Quick and easy, and always at your fingertips.


LED lights specifications

  • LED output
  • 5 Vdc output, variable
  • 3 Independent zones
  • 4 Connector outputs, can be assigned by low-level configuration to any of the zones
  • up to 100 points of light (RGB)
  • up to 78,000 colors*
  • 2 Rainbow effects with smooth transition
  • plug and play with J&J spider and cluster lights

Contact Gecko Alliance to determine if the LED models you plan on using are compatible. Different options are available.

* With in.k1000 & in.k1000+ keypads only. in.k800 & in.k500 keypads offer a selection of 10 colors.


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in.mix 300, promotional video

Watch the vibrant colours the in.mix 300 could provide.

Control your in.mix 300

Control your in.mix 300 with our in.touch 2 app.

Interview about the in.mix 300

Create the perfect ambiance with Gecko’s in.mix 300 by choosing your colors according to your mood or synchronizing zones for a real light show in or around your hot tub.

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