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Your hot tub's new best friend

If you love all the features of the in.k800 but it's too big for your needs, you’re going to love the in.k500, which offers the same power in a smaller package. It's discreet, compact and unobtrusively beautiful. Save space without losing out on functions.


Full color control

With a bright, full-color display, the in.k500 keypad is loaded with a large amount of memory and a powerful on-board processor. We have created the seamless graphic interface hot tub users have been waiting for!


Integrated audio control

Easy-to-use audio gets even easier when you combine the in.k500 with the system. Play, pause, control volume, change tracks and more, all on one screen. Listen to music in your hot tub, stress free.


Water care selection

Save time and money by customizing the water maintenance schedule for each situation. Whether you’re away from home, use your hot tub daily, or want to save energy, the preconfigured modes have got you covered. For more flexibility, setting up custom programs according to your needs is a cinch.


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