Flo-Master XP2e

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The energy and efficiency you deserve

Aqua-Flo by Gecko's XP2e pump provides greater flow than its XP2 sister model allowing spas to use more jets per pump, increasing the features and benefits offered to customers.



  • FRAME NEMA 48 or Nema 56 Based on ratings
  • 2.0 – 2.5 – 3.0 – 4.0 HP 220-240V 60Hz Single or dual speed
  • Hmax: Up to 30 PSI /21 Head M Based on nominal rating
  • Qmax: Up to 280 GPM / 1060 LPM Based on nominal rating
  • High ambient temperature run rated (Based on nominal rating)
  • Insulation Class F thermally protected (Based on nominal rating)
  • Maximum water temperature 50°C

Customization variables

  • 2″ or 2.5” intake and 2″ discharge
  • UL approval E62386
  • Sealed bearing
  • Seal: Gecko high-quality Universeal
  • Hi-Flow jet pump

Standard version includes

  • 2x white 2″ union nuts with 2″ slip tail pieces and O-rings
  • Three wing nut drain plugs
  • 2.4 m (96”) cable with AMP plug
  • Standard wet end position 12 o’clock

Performance curves

CMS Dimensions


CMS Dimensions

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