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The most reliable circulation pump is now also the most efficient.

More efficiency means moving more water with less energy!



We’ve put all our engineering knowledge to work to offer the best efficiency on the market. Thanks to all the skills and expertise Gecko has acquired over the years, this pump offers outstanding performance in a compact design.

With its superior efficiency, the Maelstrom CMS-1 circulates up to 30% more water in the same amount of time, thus reducing the filtration cycle and the energy consumption.


Relaxingly quiet

When it’s time to kick back and relax, the amazingly low 44 dB generated by the CMS-1 makes it as quiet as a gentle rain.


Surprisingly small

Gecko went the extra mile to make our new CMS-1 the smallest in its category. This pump takes up to 23% less space than our closest competitor’s pump. Plus, it’s easy to use and gives users a variety of positioning options thanks to its simple mounting bracket.

Performance curves

CMS Dimensions


CMS Dimensions


Discover everything about the CMS-1


On June 22, 2022, the Maelstrom CMS-1 officially joined the Gecko catalog at our product launch, The Inner Circle.

Gecko’s product launch 2022

Introducing Maelstrom CMS-1

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