Flo-Master XP3

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Prepare yourself to be impressed

The Flo-Master XP3 is designed to provide the ultimate power to large spas with multiple jets, the performance you will witness will leave you speechless, besides the XP3 can be easily customizable to fit different needs.



  • 2.5 – 3.0 – 4.0 HP 220-240V 60Hz Single or dual speed
  • Hmax: Up to 22 PSI /15 Head M Based on nominal rating
  • Qmax: Up to 400 GPM / 1516 LPM Based on nominal rating
  • High ambient temperature run rated 60°C
  • Maximum water temperature 50°C
  • High speed: PSC
  • Low speed: Split phase

Customization variables

  • 2.5” intake and discharge
  • UL approval E62386
  • Sealed bearing
  • Seal: Gecko high-quality Universeal
  • Hi-Flow jet pump

Standard version includes

  • 2x white 2″ union nuts with 2.5″ slip tail pieces and O-rings
  • Three wing nut drain plugs
  • 2.4 m (96”) cable with AMP plug
  • Standard wet end position 12 o’clock

Performance curves

CMS Dimensions


CMS Dimensions

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