How do I set the low-level programming?

Note that this process does not apply to in.k500, in.k800 and in.k1000 keypads.

  1. Press and hold the pump 1 button for 30-40 seconds. DO NOT RELEASE the button until you see L or LL on the display. If the control is new and already shows the L or LL on the display, simply skip this step.
  2. Use the Up/Down buttons to change the selection # 3- Press the Light button or Filter Programming button to confirm the selection

How do I turn on/off smart winter mode?

The smart winter mode is an automatic mode that will start/stop automatically on its own if needed. The trigger is a temperature of 68F where the control box sits in the spa (not the temperature of the water). This mode is always enabled, and it cannot be disabled manually. It will turn off automatically 24 hours after it started if the temperature is warmed up and raised above the trigger.

Can I change the customization settings of economy mode?

You cannot change or customize the economy mode settings. When enabled, economy mode will lower the current set point by a fixed value of 20 degrees Fahrenheit (or 11 degrees Celsius). Note that the minimum set point will remain at 59F (or 15C) even if economy mode is enabled.