Life of a Gecko employee: Luis Marin...

One of the most important dreams for immigrants is to find a job in their field and have their diploma recognized. For a lot of people, this journey can be difficult and discouraging, which is why many of them prefer to reinvent themselves or start from scratch. Since I arrived in Quebec in 2012, I have gone through difficult times. One of my first obstacles was the difficulty of communicating in French to find a job. Over the years, since my arrival, with great perseverance, I have managed to find a job in my field.

So, I joined Gecko in 2015 as a Quality Assurance technician in the R&D department. They were the first Quebec company that allowed me to work in my field again. Since then, my life has completely changed until today. Gecko allows us to be autonomous and self-taught, which is what I appreciate the most since I can continuously develop my skills without any limits. It is precisely this aspect that motivates me to come to work every morning at Gecko.

My professional development is on the right track since in the R&D department there is a great openness towards continuous learning and good coaching from the principal engineers. I was an electrical engineer and was working in my field in my country, but it was quite a challenge to have my title recognized here with the OIQ. The recommendations of the R&D director on my long-term professional development and the advice of the principal electrical engineer made me prioritize this process and I work today as a junior engineer with a multidisciplinary team in the electrical design of strategic projects. Gecko has become the best partner I have ever had for my professional development.

At Gecko, the diversity of employee skills is the best strategy for successfully developing the most reliable and innovative products in the spa market. Our team spirit, collaboration between colleagues and support from senior engineers ensure that we can overcome the most complex design challenges. When I look at the technical skills and values that R&D employees have, I do not doubt that as a team we will always succeed.

-Luis Marin