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  • What is the in.xm2 control system?
    • The in.xm2 control system is a versatile spa control system that allows you to customize your spa experience. 
  • What features does the in.xm2 control system offer?
    • The in.xm2 control system offers a range of features, including user-friendly interfaces, advanced diagnostics, and connectivity options. 
  • What type of spas is the in.xm2 control system compatible with?
    • The in.xm2 control system is compatible with a wide range of spas, including portable and in-ground spas. 
  • How do I install the in.xm2 control system?
    • The in.xm2 control system can be easily installed by a professional spa technician. 
  • How do I adjust the temperature on my spa using the in.xm2 control system?
    • To adjust the temperature on your spa, use the arrow buttons on the keypad to select the desired temperature. 

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