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in.grid General Explanation

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in.touch ic: in.grid Heater cooldown time

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in.touch ic: in.grid heating management

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  • What is the in.grid?
    • The in.grid is a device that allows for the control of 3rd party heating sources to provide an alternative, more energy and cost-efficient heating source such as heat pumps, thermal stores, etc. 
  • How does the in.grid work?
    • The in.grid uses a volt-free, no-contact relay to act as a trigger signal to the 3rd party device. 
  • Can the in.grid be used with any pool or spa?
    • The in.grid is designed to work with Gecko Y-series control systems. 
  • Can the in.grid be controlled remotely?
    • Yes, the in.grid can be controlled remotely through the in.touch 2 app. 
  • Is the in.grid environmentally friendly?
    • Yes, the in.grid is an environmentally friendly option for helping to heat your spa or swim spa as it can enable you to use a lower carbon alternative heating source. 

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