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  • What is the in.temp heat pump?
    • The in.temp is an air source heat pump designed for use in spas and swimspas.
  • What is the purpose of the in.temp heat pump?
    • The in.temp heat pump serves as an efficient, cost-effective heating system that integrates into Gecko's control system for your spa or swimspa.
  • How is the in.temp heat pump installed?
    • To install the in.temp, heat pump you need to connect it in parallel via a by-pass after the spa control system and heater. Then, connect the power cable and communication cable to a compatible control system.
  • What kind of cable is used to connect the in.temp heat pump to the control system?
    • The in.temp heat pump uses a 3-conductor cable to connect to the control system.
  • Is the in.temp heat pump compatible with in.xm and in.xe control systems?
    • No, the in.temp heat pump is only compatible with certain Y series control system.
  • Can the in.temp heat pump be used with other spa control systems?
    • No, the in.temp heat pump is specifically designed to work with and spa control system.
  • How does the in.temp heat pump communicate with the spa control system?
    • The in.temp heat pump communicates with the spa control system through a wired connection.
  • Which keypads are compatible with the in.temp heat pump?
    • The in.k330 (all revision), in.k500(revision 21 & up), in.k800 (revision 29 & up) and in.1000+( revision 14 & up) series keypad. It is also compatible with the in.touch 2 app.
  • Can the in.temp heat pump be used for both pools and spas?
    • Yes, the in.temp heat pump is suitable for use in both spas and swimspas.
  • Why is the in.temp menu not showing on the keypad?
      1. Make sure that your keypad is compatible. The compatible keypads are The in.k330 (all revision), in.k500 (revision 21 & up), in.k800(revision 29 & up) and in.1000+ (revision 14 & up).
      2. Make sure that the in.temp is getting power from the spa pack and that the power and communication cables are connected properly.
      3. Replace the keypad to a more recent version.
  • What is the flow rate required for the in.temps heat pump?
    • Best effiency flow rate is 10GPM for the 5kW model and 15GPM for the 7.5kW model. Minimum flow requirement is 5GPM for both models
  • How far from the spa should the in.temp heat pump be installed?
    • The in.temps heat pump has 16 foot(5m) cords, but in order to limit heat loss from the piping, it is recommanded to install the heat pump as close as possible to the spa.
  • What temperature can the in.temp operate in.temp heat pump?
    • Operating temperature can vary from -5 °C (23 °F) to 43 °C (109 °F)
  • What are the physical conditions the in.temp heat pump shoud be installed in?
    • The in.temp heat pump should NOT be installed in an airtight location or confined space, such as a basement or garage. The in.temp heat pump requires good air ventilation. It will discharge cold air when it is heating and hot air when it is cooling, and its efficiency depends on its ability to draw normal ambient temperature air and discharge the cold or hot air well away from the unit. The unit should be located on a solid flat surface with a slight rearward slope. Ensure 3 meters (9 feet) of free air flow to the discharge panel and 1 meter (3 feet) to the inlet panel as well as free airflow to all sides of the unit. In cold climates, the in.temp must be installed at least 46 cm (18'') above the ground level on an open metal frame in order to prevent the accumulation of ice at the base of the unit caused by condensation.

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